What are the best budget travel sites?

My best friend and I want to travel to Ireland and are looking for the best budget travel sites. We want to leave either in May or early Summer of next year. We are really looking forward to it and are willing to cut corners and do our research. The thing is neither of are willing to backpack (alright she is. I'm just not the out doorsey type). So what do you guys suggest?

Try this site for some general information and ideas

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Peak Oil: Gas Prices, Supply Depletion & Energy Crisis SHORT

We are entering the Peak Oil era. The growth of oil production is slowing, driving up oil and gasoline gas prices, firing inflation, driving unemployment, straining our global economy, and threatening to collapse our entire system. We are reaching Peak Oil and we are unprepared. Teacher Aaron Wissner, in a compact 10 minutes video summary, details Peak Oil, the evidence, the impacts, and the solutions. See the full one-hour video at LocalFuture.org. Also, at YouTube, see the conclusion, of that presentation, part 5 of 5, which highlights the impacts, underlying problem, and solutions to Peak Oil.

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